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Malibu and pineapple sunsets

Malibu and pineapple sunsets

These chocolates are a nod to the warmer time coming, with a beautiful sunset design and classic summer flavour of Malibu and pineapple. 


115g Leonce Blanc pineapple puree
40g Sosa liquid glucose
30g Sosa granulated sorbitol
300g Belcolade white chocolate
30g Belcolade cocoa butter
50g Malibu


Melt together the cocoa butter and white chocolate to 45°c.

In a separate pan melt together the sorbitol, glucose and pineapple puree until mixture reaches 40°c.

Combine the two mixtures and blend with a hand blender to create emulsion.

Once emulsified leave the mixture to cool to 29°c before placing into a piping bag and piping into the chocolate shells leaving a 2mm from the top of the chocolate.


Start with a polished mould.

Taking the tempered yellow cocoa butter spray only one end of each cavity.

Let that set for a couple of minutes.

Next take the tempered orange cocoa butter and spray the rest of the mould creating the ombre effect.

Leave the cocoa butter to set for 5 minutes.

Next flood the mould with tempered white chocolate and tap to remove any air bubbles.

Turn the mould over and tap again to remove all excess chocolate and create a thin and even chocolate shell.

Prepare the ganache as above.

Pipe the ganache into each cavity making sure to leave a 2mm gap from the surface.

Leave to crystalise overnight in a chocolate fridge.

Once the ganache has been left to crystallise, you can then cap the chocolates.

After capping place the mould back into the chocolate fridge for 30 minutes.

Turn out the chocolates and enjoy.

 For any further support on some of the techniques listed above take a look at our YouTube channel.

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