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Seasonal ice cream tips & tricks

Seasonal ice cream tips & tricks

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As the evenings begin to get lighter and we slowly drift into spring, we're getting prepared to help you make the most of the approaching ice cream high season with our seasonal ice cream tips and tricks. We've collated our best season-themed ideas to assist you with stirring up a storm in your ice cream cabinet between spring and summer. 

Introduce seasonal 'superstar' flavours:

St. Patricks Day

Create unique ice cream flavours that highlight key seasonal calendar events. With St. Patrick's Day taking place on the 17th of March, why not try whipping up a Guinness-themed sorbet? Not only will the novelty of this dessert be a talk trigger for your customers, but the glossy, jet-black gelato is an eye-catching and delicious sweet treat for pubs and restaurants alike.  


Elevate your offerings to new heights this Easter with this 'egg-cellent' cream egg ice cream recipe. Made from Irca's Crema Pasticcera and melted milk chocolate rippled through a classic white gelato creates a flavoursome base. Top that with the creamy, chocolatey goodness of a cream egg for a treat they can't say no to! Find the recipe below, if you'd like to try this Easter fan-favourite! 


4kg white base

Irca Joypaste Crema Pasticcera

Irca Joycouverture milk chocolate coating


Gently melt the Joycouverture milk chocolate until it becomes fluid, without letting the temperature exceed 30°C. 

Ripple the chocolate through the white base. 

The Joypaste Crema Pasticcera will replicate the yellow yolk part of the cream egg. Use sparingly to ripple through the white base. 

Cut the cream eggs in half and place on top of the gelato. 

Drizzle a little more of the Joypaste Crema Pasticcera and Joycouverture milk chocolate over the top.

Fruit and flowers

You could also base your ice cream and gelato flavours around specific seasonal ingredients, fruits or even flowers! For summer, consider flavour favourites such as watermelon, mango, pineapple, or citrus-inspired options. You even take inspiration from the garden and try botanical flavours such as rose gelato and lavender gelato

Refreshing sorbets and lighter options:

Swing into summer by trying to include some lighter options on your menu, such as sorbets and froyo; they are simply refreshing and the perfect low-calorie option in hot weather. Offer a variety of fruity flavour sorbet options to cater to different preferences. Your super sweet sorbets will be nothing short of spectacular! You could even consider introducing yoghurt-based or low-fat ice creams for those who prefer a lighter indulgence. 

Limited-time specials:

Create a sense of urgency and excitement by introducing limited-time specials - when they're gone they're gone! This could involve rotating seasonal flavours or featuring a "flavour of the week" that showcases the best of summer. Take a look at our Wimbledon-inspired, limited-edition gelato as an example of a time-sensitive ice cream concept. 

Iced coffee and affogato:

Expand your menu to include iced coffee or go one step further with a luxurious 'affogato'. Originating from Italy, this coffee-based dessert is traditionally served as a generous scoop of vanilla or plain ice cream topped or 'drowned' with a shot of hot espresso. These offerings cater to both ice cream and coffee enthusiasts, providing a delightful fusion of flavours. If iced coffee and affogato don't float your boat, we've gone one step further and created a coffee-flavoured ice cream

To top things off... 

Our last seasonal top tip is the power of topping sauces! If you're looking to jazz up your standard ice cream flavours without breaking the bank, introduce a selection of low-cost, delightful drizzles and topping sauces to add an extra finishing touch to your desserts. Adding a 'pick n' mix' style menu of sauces to customise with allows your customers to get creative with fun flavours, and allows you to increase your cost per serving with the additional offer of 'added extras'.    

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