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Fantastic florals

Fantastic florals

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Fantastic florals are a sure-fire way to spruce up your summer menus. They evoke happy thoughts of English country gardens, as well as pleasing and cleansing the palate.

With the warmer weather, hopefully on its way, seek out some inspiration in the great outdoors and bring some petal power to your pans.

Rose gelato


6000g white base

300g Rubicone Turkish rose flavour paste


Blend the flavour paste into your base mix until fully incorporated then taste and adjust if required.

Once fully mixed, pour into your batch freezer and select your usual gelato program.


When you extract the gelato you can sprinkle rose petals through the mix, or add pieces of chopped Turkish delight.

If adding these as inclusions make sure you mix them through the whole pan as you build it.

When the pan is filled sprinkle rose petals and chopped Turkish Delight on the top to finish then place into your blast freezer for 10-15 minutes before transferring to the display cabinet.

Lavender gelato


1030g milk (1 litre) (3.5% fat)

160g double cream (48% fat)

55g Arla skimmed milk powder

110g sugar

100g Sosa lavender flavoured sugar

22g Sosa dextrose

25g spray dried glucose

4g Rubicone Neutro 5AU

Method 1

To calculate how much mix you require, multiply all elements/ingredients by 42 to make 60 litres of finished mix, or multiply all elements/ingredients by 21 to make 30 litres of finished mix.

Start by mixing all the dry ingredients together. This prevents the skimmed milk powder from forming lumps as you add it to the milk.

Start with the milk in the pasteuriser, select your desired pasteurisation program; we have used the low pasteurisation at 65˚C.

Once your milk reaches 40˚C, gradually add all the dry ingredients.

Once the mixture reaches 50˚C, add the cream.

Now the pasteuriser will run its program, taking the mixture up to 65˚C, then holding it at 65˚C for 30 minutes, before rapidly cooling the mixture to 4˚C.

Once the mixture has reached 4˚C, allow the mixture to age for a minimum of 4 hours, preferably overnight for the best results.


6180g milk (1 litre) (3.5% fat)

960g double cream (48% fat)

330g Arla skimmed milk powder

660g sugar

600g Sosa lavender flavoured sugar

132g Sosa dextrose

150g spray dried glucose

24g Rubicone Neutro 5AU

Method 2

The recipe will produce six litres of mix which can be heated in the microwave or on the stove to make a smaller batch then cooled, and aged the same as your usual mix.

Once cooled pour into your batch freezer and select the usual gelato setting.


When you extract fill and shape your pan in the usual way and sprinkle dried lavender flowers on top of the pan and place in the blast freezer for 10-15 minutes then move to the display cabinet.

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