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The Freezer….  Introducing new products in the gelato category

The Freezer…. Introducing new products in the gelato category

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What a load of waffle!

Whip up waffles in minutes with British Bakels craft egg waffle mix (8kg).

This ready-to-use powder mix, which has a long shelf life, couldn’t be easier, just mix with water and whisk for approximately five minutes to create a smooth batter. The result is waffles which are perfectly crisp and golden on the outside while being light and fluffy on the inside, ideal for your ice cream dessert creations.

The ripple effect

Create eye-catching swirls with Rubicone’s new butterscotch flavour rippling sauce (variegato). Made in Italy for an authentic taste, this sauce has been specially formulated for gelato to give an intense flavour, which still cuts through even at low temperatures. Available in a 3kg easy seal tub to preserve freshness between uses.

Labour-saving fruit purees

Ready-to-use fruit purees are a great way to save time in the dessert making process. The new range, from leading French manufacturer Boiron, dramatically cuts labour by cutting out the need to wash, peel, de-seed, blend and sieve fruit. The six-strong range, available in strawberry, raspberry, mango, passion fruit, blackberry and yellow peach, have no added sugar and can be stored at room temperature. The purees are presented in ready-to-serve, one litre cartons, made using cardboard from FSC certified forests and have a pouring spout for better quantity control.

Cool cremini

For smooth fluid milk chocolate flavoured cream, try new Rubicone cremini milk chocolate flavour cream (5kg). Perfect for making cremini style layered pans, it has been specially formulated for gelato and retains a smooth texture down to minus 20°C. It can also be used as a regular ripple/swirl variegato and is perfect as a filling for semifreddo, cakes, pastry, gelato sticks and single portion desserts.

Tahitian vanilla

We’ve added Tahitian vanilla to our range of premium vanilla products to give our customers even more choice. The addition of Tahitian vanilla pods to the acclaimed Norohy range, which also include Madagascan vanilla, provides more options for pastry chefs, confectioners, chocolatiers and ice cream makers. Norohy Tahitian vanilla pods are available in two sizes. 14-17cm and 18-20cm and both are sold in two pack sizes: 125g and 250g.


Create some crackle in your gelato with Irca joycream fizzi pop pink flavoured cream (5kg). The fluid red fruits flavoured cream with popping candy pieces allows you to decorate at will. A chocolate version – Irca joycream fizzi pop choc flavoured cream (5kg), is also available, providing a fluid chocolate and hazelnut flavoured cream with popping candy pieces. For the best results, roughly mix into your gelato or ice cream for intense flavour and visual appeal.


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