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Mandarin baked Alaska

Mandarin baked Alaska

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Impress your guests with this incredible mandarin baked Alaska! Made using Leonce Blanc's mandarin fruit puree each bite of this dessert packs a flavour punch. The delicate balance of mandarin sorbet, Italian meringue and tangy cranberry gel blend together to create this unforgettable dessert that's as beautiful as it is delicious.

Mandarin sorbet 


625g Leonce Blanc mandarin puree

310g water

220g Tate & Lyle caster sugar 

68g Rubicone vegetal 70

6g Irca Svelto


Warm water to melt the sugars and combine all ingredients before churning through ice cream machine.

Tip - use a refractometer to ensure the correct level of sugar is in the recipe, you should get a reading between 27-30, if not adjustment is required.

Mandarin Italian merigue


180g Leonce Blanc mandarin puree

100g Water

12g Sosa Potatowhip

200g Tate & Lyle sugar

50g Sosa Trehalosa

50g Sosa Liquid Glucose


Mix mandarin puree with Potatowhip in a bowl and blend until dissolved.

Whip the mixture in a food processor at medium speed.

Aside, mix water and sugars in a saucepan and heat up to 121ºC.

Pour the syrup over the meringue slowly and continue whipping until it is cold and stable.

Place meringue in a piping bag with a small star nozzle.

Cranberry gel 


220g cranberry juice 

30g stock syrup 

20g Sosa Gelcrem cold 


Blend all ingredients except the amaretto together with a hand blender 

Leave for a minimum of 30 minutes to allow to hydrate

Blend again to obtain smooth and  glossy gel 

Feuilltine and hazelnut crunch 


250g Sosa hazelnut praline 

50g roasted chopped hazelnuts 

35g feuilletine

100g Belcolade 55% chocolate


Melt and temper the dark chocolate 

Incorporate all other ingredients 

Spread flat on a tray and leave to set 

Once set cut out discs in desired shape and size



Dobla chocolate orange fruit


First make the feuilltine crunch base and set flat on a tray approx. 4mm thick, once set cut out discs a little smaller than the base of your sphere mould.

Make gel and fill into small sphere moulds and freeze. Keep some for plate garnishing.

Next make the sorbet, pipe half into sphere mould and then place smaller sphere of cranberry gel into the centre, place more sorbet over the top and fill sphere. 

Place feuilltine disc in to the base of the sorbet and freeze solid.

Turn out sorbet from sphere mould and place on desired plate. 

Pipe meringue all over your sorbet in desired design or effect and blow torch to finish. 

Garnish with cranberry gel and a Dobla chocolate orange.

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