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Vegan pear william caramels

Vegan pear william caramels


These delicious caramel chocolates are totally decadent. Flavoured with pear william liqueur, the caramel has a beautiful smooth consistency and melts in the mouth.

Prep time: 1.5 hours | Cook time: 20 mins | Serves: depending on mould | Chill time: 24 hours

Pear William Caramel


220g caster sugar
35g Sosa liquid glucose
50g Pear william liqueur


Sprinkle the caster sugar layer by layer into a saucepan until it all melts, then continue heating until a golden caramel colour is reached.

Once at the desired colour, very carefully and slowly add the heated pear william liqueur and glucose.

Bring back up to the boil again to ensure all sugar is completely dissolved and is smooth.

Once the mixture has reached 30c the caramel is ready to pipe into desired chocolate shell.

Pear Milc Chocolate Ganache


200g Leonce Blanc pear puree
400g Chocolat Madagascar milc chocolate
50g Sosa liquid glucose


Heat together the pear puree and the glucose and bring to the boil.

Pour over the chopped milc chocolate and blend to emulsify.

Leave the mixture to cool to 30c before placing it into a piping bag and piping into the mould.

To Serve


100g Casaluker cocoa butter
5g Sosa gold colouring powder


Decorate the mould with gold and bronze cocoa butter using a sponge (100g cocoa butter 5g Sosa Gold colouring powder).

Line the mould with tempered Milc chocolate.

Pipe and fill 1/3 of the mould with the pear william caramel and place in the fridge to firm up.

Pipe the rest of the cavity with the pear ganache leaving 2mm from the top of the mould.

Leave chocolates to crystallise overnight.

Finally cap the mould with more tempered chocolate and place into the chocolate fridge to set.

Turn out and enjoy.

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