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Vegan lemon and lime gelato

Vegan lemon and lime gelato

This sweet, tangy lemon and lime gelato is a delicious vegan dessert. The combination of lemon and lime is one of the most refreshing flavours and can be enjoyed all year round, not just in summer.


For a 3 litre mix

600g Rubicone vegan ice cream base
3 litres water
750g granulated sugar
50g Irca lemon paste
50g Irca lime ripple sauce
Zest of lemon & lime to dress


Warm the water to about 40-50 degrees C (the warm water will help the solids dissolve evenly).

Then slowly add all of the above to the water in a large bucket and blend until fully mixed.

Pour into the batch freezer and allow to freeze. On extraction sprinkle lemon & lime zest evenly through the pan as it is filled saving some for the top.

Slice lemons and limes into quarters and thinly slice and arrange into a fan on baking parchment and freeze in the blast freezer. After 20 mins remove and push into the top of the gelato and sprinkle the remainder of the zest over the top.

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