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Amber balsamic crystal

Amber balsamic crystal

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These delicious caramels are the perfect combination of sweet and acidic. The balsamic vinegar adds a pleasant tang that cuts through the richness of the caramel and balances it out beautifully.



Belcolade Cacao Trace selection Amber chocolate

Quantity as needed


Melt the Belcolade Cacao Trace selection Amber chocolate to 45°C and temper it at 28.2°C.

Mould the moulds to make filled chocolates and leave to crystallise.

Caramel balsamic


240g sugar

100g glucose

240g fresh cream 35%

100g butter

3g salt

100g balsamic vinegar


Make a caramel with the sugar and the glucose.

Heat up the cream and butter and add to the caramel gradually.

Add the salt and allow to cool down.

Add the balsamic vinegar and mix.

Fill the moulds halfway with the caramel balsamic.

Amber ganache


340g fresh cream 35%

35g glucose

38g sorbitol

80g dextrose

485g Belcolade Cacao Trace selection Amber chocolate

22g cold butter


Heat up the fresh cream together with the glucose, the sorbitol and dextrose to 80°C.

Pour onto the Belcolade Cacao Trace selection Amber chocolate drops and mix with a mixer.

When the ganache reaches 35°C add the cold butter and mix again.

Pipe the ganache on top of the caramel balsamic and leave to crystalise for 12 hours at 16°C with a relative humidity below 60%.

Close after crystallisation with tempered Amber chocolate and demould after a few minutes.

Recipe courtesy of Belcolade

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