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Malted milk chocolates

Malted milk chocolates


In this recipe we have used the caramelised milk chocolate from Republica de Cacao, it has warm notes of toasty caramel and biscuit, perfect for our malted milk ganache.

Malted milk ganache 


150g double cream

20g Sosa liquid glucose

225g Republica del Cacao caramelised milk chocolate 

50g Malt extract


Heat together the cream, glucose and malt extract and bring to the boil.

Pour over the chocolate and let it sit for a few minutes.

Blend the mixture together to create an emulsion.

Let the mixture cool to 30c before placing in a piping bag. 



to make the shells

Republica del Cacao caramelised milk chocolate 

to create the velvet effect

100g Republica del Cacao caramelised milk chocolate 

50g Casaluker cocoa butter


To prepare the mould:

Always start with a clean and polished mould. 

Make the shells for your mould using tempered caramelised milk chocolate (for help on tempering please refer to our video section).

Once the shells are made and set, fill them with the malted milk ganache ensuring to leave 2mm from the top.

Leave the mould to crystallise overnight at 16-18c. 

Cap the chocolates using more tempered caramelised milk chocolate. 

Turn the chocolates out. 

To create the velvet effect:

Pop the chocolates into the freezer 10 minutes before spraying. 

Make up a spray mixture of caramelised milk chocolate and cocoa butter and hold this at 45c. 

Remove chocolates from the freezer and spray your chocolates using an airbrush.

The cocoa butter will set instantly creating the velvet effect. 

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