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New product launch: Jersey Dairy luxury gelato base mix

New product launch: Jersey Dairy luxury gelato base mix

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We’re happy to announce some exciting news for chefs who have been looking for high-quality culinary convenience! Henley Bridge is proud to present the  Jersey Dairy UHT luxury gelato base mix which has been seen as a game changer in hassle-free gelato creation.

A chefs dream

This rich and creamy base has been crafted with premium Jersey cream and milk which requires no pasteurisation. Packed in one-litre cartons with a 12-month shelf life, this new product will be your go-to for delicious gelato without the additional fuss.

Steve Carrigan, our very own gelato guru, said, “This is a brilliant, versatile product that allows chefs the option of adding handmade gelato to their menus. It guarantees consistent results and banishes the need for weighing and mixing of ingredients. You simply pour it and add your chosen flavour paste, which means it’s easy for all skill levels to produce.”

Scooping success

The Belfry Hotel & Resort was provided with early access to the gelato mix, which went down a treat with senior head chef Dean Coles. He highlighted its versatility saying "You can add flavours, purees, fresh fruit, or vanilla pods – an easy product to use. And the real Jersey cream and milk shines through."

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