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Fruity little numbers

Fruity little numbers

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Fruit-based ice lollies are a popular, go-to treat in the hot weather – and Mexican paletas look set to be this summer’s hot new trend.

These handcrafted gourmet pops marry demand for indulgent treats with the trend for healthier options as they’re made from fresh fruits for a big flavour punch.

Whole pieces of fruit are used to decorate paletas, so have some fun with your flavour and colour combos and create some eye-catching variations! 

Here are a few suggestions to get you started, each recipe makes 8-10 small lollies or 3-4 large lollies:

Mango and lime


420g mango pulp or Leonce Blanc mango fruit puree 

420g chopped fresh mango

128g sugar 

28g lime juice

10g lime zest

1 lime, thinly sliced


Blend the mango puree, chopped mango, sugar, lime zest and lime juice together in a bowl or jug until smooth, then fill your chosen lolly moulds three quarters of the way.

Take two pieces of the sliced lime and push them into the moulds after you have filled with the liquid.

Top up if needed to fill the moulds.

Then place in the blast freezer until solid.

When frozen, de-mould then the finished lolly can be placed in the display cabinet or into a wrapper for frozen storage.

Blueberry and yoghurt


400g blueberries

400g Leonce Blanc blueberry fruit puree

100g yoghurt

100g sugar 


Blend the sugar, blueberries and blueberry puree together in a bowl or jug until smooth, then carefully fill about one quarter of a mould with blueberry mix then add a little yoghurt and whole blueberries then repeat so you create a white and blue marble effect on the lolly.

Place into the blast freezer until solid.

Banana and kiwi


500g banana 

100g Irca Joypaste banana flavour paste

100g sliced kiwi

100g sugar 

200g yoghurt 

20g lemon or lime juice (to stop oxidising) 


Blend the banana, banana puree, yoghurt, sugar and lime juice together in a bowl or jug until smooth, then fill your chosen lolly moulds three quarters of the way.

Take two kiwi slices and push them into the moulds after you have filled with the liquid.

Top up if needed to fill the moulds.

Place in the blast freezer until solid. 

Coconut and chocolate


400g coconut milk

400g whole milk

100g Rubicone coconut flavour paste with dessicated coconut pieces

100g sugar

50g Irca Chocosmart non-cracking dark enrobing chocolate 


Blend all of the ingredients except the chocolate together in a bowl or jug until smooth, then fill your chosen lolly moulds and place into the blast freezer until solid.

Once frozen remove from blast freezer and de mould.

Heat the Chocosmart enrobing chocolate to between 35-40°C, fill a piping bag and drizzle chocolate over the lollies in a criss cross pattern.

The finished lolly can be placed in the display cabinet or into a wrapper for frozen storage.

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