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Spellbinding snitches and wizards

Spellbinding snitches and wizards

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Harry Potter is the biggest-selling book series in history, having sold more than 500 million copies globally.

As the world celebrates the 20th anniversary of the famous boy wizard, The Scoop’s talented gelato technicians have opened their Chamber of Secrets to share some magnificently magical recipes.

After a tough game of Quidditch, there’s nothing more refreshing than a cool glass of Butterbeer or a refreshing ice cream, so get out your wand and cast a spell to create some cool treats for the Harrys, Hermiones and Rons in your customer base ...

Fun fact: The iconic Golden Snitch is a walnut-sized ball with wings used in the game of Quidditch. It flies at high speed and the game can only end when the Snitch has been caught by a Seeker from either team.

Butterbeer gelato


6000g white base mix

150g Rubicone burnt caramel flavour paste

150g Rubicone butterscotch flavour rippling sauce


Blend the flavour paste into the base mix until fully incorporated then taste and adjust if required. 

Pour into a batch freezer and select your usual gelato program.

Golden Snitch (simple version)


Use an ice cream scoop to roll a perfect ball of butterbeer gelato.

Place on a tray and blast freeze to harden for 30 minutes.

Remove and insert cocktail sticks and spray with edible gold spray paint.

You can then either make the wings from molten sugar poured onto a sheet of silicon or from sugar paste (royal icing) moulded to shape.

Place in the blast freezer for 10-15 minutes and then into your display cabinet.

Feeling ambitious?

For a trickier, but more realistic replica of the Golden Snitch, you could have a go at making your own mould, as we did here.

To re-create the exact shape, we used a silicone moulding kit to make a mould of a shop-bought toy Snitch.

It took 12 hours to go solid but it meant our shape had the exact lines and contours of the original Snitch.

Fly high: to make sugar wings

Create a mould on a 1.5mm silicon baking sheet then heat some sugar and water to 120°C to make a thick syrup, then pour into the mould, allowing it to flow and leave to set.

400ml cream soda

10ml Rubicone burnt caramel flavour paste

1 scoop of Butterbeer gelato UHT cream in a can

Stockleys caramel fudge cubes (5mm)

Irca caramel topping sauce

Have some fun! Use the disarming charm (Expelliarmus) to remove the Snitch from your mould!


Fill a glass three-quarters full with cream soda then put a scoop of gelato into the top. 

Optional: Spray UHT cream on top of the ball of gelato.


You can leave the float plain as we did or sprinkle small fudge pieces on top of the cream and drizzle caramel topping sauce on top to finish.

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