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Sensational semifreddo

Sensational semifreddo

Semifreddo is a type of iced dessert – similar but different to its close cousin, ice cream.

Its name means ‘semi-frozen’ in Italian and it has the texture of being half frozen.

As there is air incorporated in the mousse mixture and whipped cream, the semifreddo does not need churning but still has a very smooth, velvety texture.

It is traditionally made in a loaf tin and usually has fruit purees rippled through it.

How to make a semifreddo


300g Irca joygelato tender dessert

1 litre whipping cream


400g Rubicone base planetary

1 litre milk


Mix together in a planetary mixer. Transfer into a loaf tin, cover and freeze for at least eight hours.

Alternatively, freeze in individual moulds or freezer proof glasses.

To serve, slice or use an ice cream scoop. For clean slices, cut the loaf with a knife that has been dipped in hot water.

As it softens very quickly it is best to serve the semifreddo almost directly from the freezer.

Fantastic flavours

Use 70-80g of Irca joygelato or Rubicone flavour pastes if you want to flavour your semifreddo.

If you want to add a ripple, use a variegato. Both Irca joygelato and Rubicone produce a wide range of flavours from fruity combos to caramels, chocolate and nut varieties.


Toppings add texture to your semifreddo. 

Chopped nuts such as pistachios and almonds work well, or try desiccated coconut, chocolate chips or vermicelli, honeycomb, marshmallows, biscuit pieces and Sosa fruit crispies.

What’s the difference?

Semifreddo is light in texture and feels more like a frozen mousse. It has more air incorporated in the mixture, which gives it a lighter feel.

Ice cream is denser in texture and has a higher fat content and lower air content. It’s churned over time to create a creamy texture.

Gelato is the densest in texture of the three. It has the least air incorporated into the mixture as it’s usually churned much more slowly than ice cream. It also contains less cream, and sometimes has no eggs in the recipe.

Vegan semifreddo

Rubicone’s complete semifreddo dessert mix (4kg) is the perfect solution for creating a rich and creamy dairyfree dessert.

Simply add water to this ready-to-use powdered product and whip in a planetary mixer.

It has a neutral taste and can therefore be flavoured with fruit or favouring pastes.

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