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Strawberry and lime white chocolate bon bons

Strawberry and lime white chocolate bon bons


The tartness of the lime perfectly compliments the sweetness of the strawberry ganache and white chocolate in these bon bons. 

Lime caramel 


65g Leonce Blanc lime fruit puree

50g double cream

10g Irca joypaste lime flavour paste

20g Sosa home gourmet liquid glucose

125g caster sugar 

30g Republica del Cacao Ecuador white chocolate (35%) buttons

45g softened butter 


Heat the lime puree and lime joypaste in a saucepan and set aside. 

Heat together the cream and the glucose and also set that aside keeping it warm. 

Caramelise the sugar slowly in a pan until a golden brown.

Carefully and slowly add the cream mixture. 

Then carefully and slowly add the lime puree and lime joypaste.

Bring it back to the boil to ensure it has fully dissolved and all fluid. 

Pour over the chocolate and blend to emulsify. 

Cool to 35c then start to add the softened butter blending to emulsify. 

Cool to 29c before placing in a piping bag.

Strawberry ganache 


100g Leonce Blanc strawberry fruit puree

15g Irca joypaste strawberry flavour paste

15g Sosa home gourmet liquid glucose

300g Republica del Cacao Ecuador white chocolate (35%) buttons

1 lime juice


Bring to the boil the strawberry puree and glucose.

Pour over white chocolate and allow to sit for a few minutes to allow chocolate to melt.

Blend with a hand blender to create emulsion.

Add the lime juice and strawberry paste and blend again. 

Cool to 29c before placing in a piping bag. 



Sosa powdered food colouring - red (fat soluble) 

Sosa powdered food colouring - green (fat soluble)

Casaluker cocoa butter

Republica del Cacao Ecuador white chocolate (35%) buttons


To prepare the mould:

Always ensure you are starting off with a clean and polished polycarbonate mould.

First start by tempering your cocoa butters. For this design I have used red and green colouring powders (for cocoa butter colour make up and tempering please see video on our website).

Once the cocoa butter colours are tempered and ready to go take the red cocoa butter colour and with a gloved hand dip your finger into the mixture and go into each cavity and swirl your finger around. Place the mould to one side so the cocoa butter can set (5 minutes). 

Once the red has set we can repeat that process with the green cocoa butter and again set aside for 5 minutes to set.

Repeat again once more with the red to create a deeper colour and set aside to set.

Whilst that is setting we can start tempering the white chocolate for the shells (for tempering guidance please refer to our video section).

Fill each cavity with the tempered white chocolate, tap out any air bubbles, then turn over and tap again to knock out all excess chocolate.

Scrape and clean the mould and leave to set before placing into the fridge. (for additional guidance on this please refer to our video section). 

Now the shells are made we can start by piping a small layer of caramel into each of the shells and place into the fridge to set and form a skin to enable us to be able to pipe on top (leave for 1 hour).

After this time we can pipe the strawberry ganache on top filling to the top leaving 2mm to allow for the cap. 

Leave to crystallise in 16-18c overnight. 

After this time we can now cap our chocolates using more tempered white chocolate, leave to fully set and contract. 

Turn out your chocolates and enjoy.

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