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Vanilla and raspberry white chocolate bon bons

Vanilla and raspberry white chocolate bon bons


The raspberry and vanilla work so well together and perfectly compliments the sweetness of the white chocolate in these bon bons. 

Raspberry jam (pate de fruit) 


500g Leonce Blanc raspberry fruit puree 1kg

500g caster sugar

15g Sosa pectin 325 NH 95

150g Sosa liquid glucose

2.5g Sosa powdered citric acid (add a touch of water to make a solution)


Mix together the pectin and the sugar in a bowl. 

In a pan heat the puree and glucose to 40c. 

Once the puree mixture has reached 40c, slowly start pouring in the sugar and pectin constantly whisking to avoid lumps. 

Bring the mixture up to boil and until its reaches 106c.

Once at 106c remove from the heat and add citric acid solution followed by the rose water. Mix thoroughly.

Pour mixture out into a cling film lined gastro tray and leave to chill and set.

Once set place jelly into thermomix and blend back to a smooth consistency (additional raspberry puree may be required to loosen).

Once at a pipeable consistency place into a piping bag ready for filling. 

Vanilla ganache 


300g double cream 

70g Sosa liquid glucose

645g Republica del Cacao Ecuador white chocolate (35%) buttons

65g unsalted butter

1 Norohy organic black non-split vanilla pods


Belcolade 100% pure cocoa butter buttons

Sosa powdered food colouring - red

Sosa powdered food colouring - white

Republica del Cacao Ecuador white chocolate (35%) buttons


Heat the cream, glucose and vanilla + pod and leave to infuse for 1 hour.

Bring the mixture back up to the boil and pour over chocolate (remove vanilla pod).

Allow the mixture to sit for a few moments to melt the chocolate. 

Slowly start to work the mixture together with a spatula.

Once the mixture starts coming together, mix with a hand blender to create emulsion.

Once the mixture reaches 35c add the softened butter and blend to emulsify.

Cool to 29c before placing in the mould. 

Allow to crystalise for 24 hours.  

Mould - Ecobaker - CW1753



Always start with a clean and polished mould. 

Start by making up cocoa butter colours in black and pink. 

Temper the cocoa butter (for more information please refer to our video’s).

First take the black cocoa butter, using a clean toothbrush and a knife, dip the toothbrush into the black cocoa butter then using the back of the knife, pull across the bristles towards yourself and flick at the mould. This will create very small fine flecks of colour. Leave that to set for a few minutes before moving on.

Next take the pink cocoa butter and an airbrush. For this design we sprayed the colour through a piping nozzle to create the effect. (nozzle large grass 235) Leave this to set for a few minutes before carrying on.

Temper 1kg of the white chocolate and create fine even shells. Allow the shells to set before filling.

Pipe the raspberry pate de fruit into the shell up to half way. Leave this for 30 minutes to settle before moving on. 

Pipe the vanilla ganache on top of the jelly, leaving 2mm gap from the top of the chocolate.

Allow the mould to sit at 14-16c overnight to allow to fully crystallise.

Once fully crystallised, temper some more chocolate and cap the chocolates (for more information on tempering and moulding and capping please refer to video section).

Leave the mould to set before turning out and enjoying your creations.

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