A snowman made from coffee flavoured gelato sprayed with white chocolate and decorated with a coffee bean and sugarpaste scarf

These cute chocolate covered snowmen are filled with gelato and are such fun to make. Perfect for the Christmas season. The kids (and adults!) will love them.

Prep time: 10 minutes |  Freeze time: 4 hours

Ice coffee gelato


1 litre whole milk (3.5% fat)
260g double cream (48% Fat)
210g Caster sugar
22g Sosa dextrose
50g Spray dried glucose
55g Sosa skimmed milk powder
4g Rubicone neutral 5 AU
60g Irca Joypaste cappuccino


For decoration


120g Belcolade white chocolate (for spraying)
80g Casaluker cocoa butter
Any fat soluble colouring you wish
Barbara Decor coffee beans and a Sugarpaste scarf.



Blend together all ingredients until fully incorporated and place in the ice cream machine.

Once you have the gelato, pipe into sphere silicon (2 sizes) and place in the blast freezer.

After 2 hours remove from the blast freezer and arrange on top of each other to create the snowman.

Spray the snowmen with white chocolate spray to create the velvet effect and decorate. We used coffee beans and created a sugarpaste scarf to bring our snowmen to life!


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