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Blackberry and tonka chocolate bar

Blackberry and tonka chocolate bar


The beautiful combination of the blackberry puree and the tonka bean is complimented perfectly by the creaminess of the dark chocolate in these bars.

Blackberry pate de fruit


500g Leonce Blanc blackberry fruit puree

500g Caster sugar

15g Sosa fruit pectin

150g Sosa liquid glucose

2.5g Sosa powdered citric acid (add a touch of water to make a solution)


Mix together the pectin and the caster sugar in a bowl. In a pan heat the puree and glucose to 40°C.

Once the puree mixture has reached 40°C, slowly start pouring in the sugar and pectin constantly whisking to avoid lumps.

Bring the mixture up to boil until it reaches 106°C.

Once at 106°C remove from the heat and add the citric acid solution.

Mix thoroughly.

Pour mixture out into a cling film lined gastro tray and cool the mixture to 32c before placing into a piping bag.

Pipe a small layer into the base of your lined shells and place into the fridge to finish setting.

Tonka ganache 


545g Cream 35% fat

254g Sosa glucose DE60

114g Sosa liquid sorbitol 

545g Republica del Cacao Amazonia 75% dark chocolate

114g Clarified butter 

2 Tonka beans 


Heat the cream, glucose and grated tonka bean together and bring to the boil.

Cover and leave to infuse for 1 hour.

Strain and heat again to 60/65°C.

Gradually pour over the melted chocolate and mix to start an emulsion.

Add the sorbitol and butter, followed by the remaining liquid.

Mix using the hand blender for a long time to perfect the emulsion.

Ensure the mixture is at 32c before placing into a piping bag and piping into your shell leaving 2mm from the top for the cap. Leave to crystallise at 16-18c overnight before capping.



Chocolatree cocoa butter colours - red and black

Republica del Cacao Amazonia 75% dark chocolate



Always start with a clean and polished mould. 

Starting with the black. With a gloved hand, dip your fingers into the black colouring and with a flick motion, flick the cocoa butter at your mould. Remember to turn the mould up the other way to ensure even coverage. Leave that to set before moving on to the red. 

Repeat the same process with the red cocoa butter and leave to set. 

Temper 1kg of the dark chocolate and fill the mould and turn out to create the shells (for more information on tempering and moulding please see our video library).

Pipe a very small amount of the blackberry pate de fruit along the length of the mould. Leave for 10 minutes in the fridge to settle and skin over. 

Pipe the tonka bean ganache on to the back of the pate de fruit, leaving 2mm from the top of the mould. 

Leave the chocolates to crystallise overnight between 14-16c.

Once fully crystallised, temper some more of the chocolate and cap to finish. 

Leave the chocolates to set for at least 30 minutes before turning them out.

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