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Passion fruit dark chocolate bon bons

Passion fruit dark chocolate bon bons

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The tanginess of the passion fruit in the ganache perfectly compliments the sweetness of the dark chocolate in these bon bons. 

Passion fruit caramel


250g Leonce Blanc passion fruit puree

250g caster sugar

25g Sosa glucose DE40

210g Republica del Cacao Peru milk 38%

75g unsalted butter 


Heat the puree, sugar and glucose to 104°C.

Stop cooking and allow the temperature to fall to 75-80°C.

Slowly pour the hot liquid onto the melted chocolate and stir in the centre to start creating an emulsion.

Take care to preserve this texture throughout, gradually adding the remaining liquid.

When the temperature falls to 35°C, add the softened butter and blend.

Place mixture into a piping bag and pipe a pea size amount into the bottom of your chocolate lined shell.

Place into the fridge to set up before piping the ganache on top.



272g 35% fat cream 

127g Sosa glucose DE60

36g Sosa liquid sorbitol

36g Passoa- Passionfruit liquor

322g Republica del Cacao 65% dark chocolate

57g Clarified butter


Heat the cream and glucose together.

Leave to cool to 60/65°C.

Gradually pour over the melted chocolate and mix to start an emulsion.

Add the alcohols and clarified butter, followed by the remaining liquid.

Mix using the hand blender for a long time to perfect the emulsion.

Ensure the mixture is at 32c before placing into a piping bag and piping into your shell leaving 2mm from the top for the cap.

Leave to crystallise at 16-18c overnight before capping.

To prepare the mould 


Chocolatree cocoa butter colours- red, yellow and purple

Republica del Cacao 65% dark chocolate


Always start with a clean and polished mould. 

First take a clean and dry toothbrush and place the bristles of the toothbrush into the red colour and use the back of a knife to pull across the bristles to create a light flick at the mould. Let this set for 5 minutes. 

Next take the yellow cocoa butter and using an airbrush, spray directly into the centre of each cavity without moving to create the yellow centre.

Let this set for 5 minutes before moving on.

Next take your purple cocoa butter and spray all around the outsides of each cavity (try to avoid going over the yellow too much). Leave this colour to set before moving on. 

Now we can move on to making the chocolate shell. Take approx. 1kg of chocolate and temper using your chosen method (for more details on tempering please see our video library).

Fill each cavity with tempered chocolate and tap hard to remove any air bubbles that are caught in the mould, turn over and tap again to remove all excess chocolate. 

Once it has stopped dripping, scrape the mould whilst still upside down to prevent chocolate going back into the cavities. Turn mould back up the right way and scrape again to remove all remaining excess chocolate.

Place the mould face down on to greaseproof paper and leave to set at room temperature for 10 minutes before moving into the chocolate fridge for 30 minutes.

Take a piping bag with some of the passion fruit jam and pipe a small amount into the centre of each cavity. 

Next we can take our piping bag of passion fruit ganache and fill each cavity, leaving 2mm from the top. 

Leave the mould to crystallise overnight between 14-16c. 

Once the mould has been left to fully crystallise we now have to cap the mould. Take a heat gun and very gently go over the surface of the mould. 

Take more tempered chocolate and pipe on to the top of each cavity, tap to ensure chocolate is completely sealing each chocolate.

Scrape over the surface of the mould to create a smooth, flat finish.

Place mould into the chocolate fridge to allow to set and once you can see the chocolate is fully set and has fully contracted away from the mould.

Turn out the chocolates and enjoy.

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