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Chocolate honeypot with pear william mousse, honeycomb and honey gel

Chocolate honeypot with pear william mousse, honeycomb and honey gel


Our new range from Dobla includes the chocolate honeypot.  Paired with the pear william fruit puree, honeycomb and honey gel, it makes both a visually pleasing and delicious dessert.

Pear william mousse


125g (1) Leonce Blanc pear william fruit puree

240g (2) Leonce Blanc pear william fruit puree

40g caster sugar

40g Sosa inulin (cold)

0.7g Sosa guar gum thickening agent

12g  Sosa albumina powdered egg white

37g (1 part gelatin to 5 parts water)

25g Grandes Distilleries Peureux La Cigogne poire william 45%


Mix the puree (2) with the guar gum. 

Melt the gelatin mass and add to the puree.

In a kitchen aid bowl mix the puree (1) with the albuwhip and whisk on medium speed until you get a meringue texture.

Mix together the inulin and sugar and add little by little to the meringue.

Remove from the machine and use a spatula to incorporate both mixes together and the poire william liqueur.

Place the mixture into a piping bag and pipe mousse into the bottom of the honey pots filling to about ¾. 

Place in the fridge to set.



325g caster sugar

50g honey

60g water

125g Sosa liquid glucose

15g bicarbonate of soda


In a saucepan bring to the boil the sugar, honey, water and glucose and bring up to 155°C.

Once mixture has reached 155°C add in bicarbonate of soda and give a quick whisk to ensure all incorporated.

Pour mixture into a lined deep dish and leave to cool.

Once mixture is completely cool smash up the honeycomb to chunky pieces.

Honey Gel


150g water 

100g honey

2g Sosa Home Gourmet agar agar


Bring all ingredients to the boil.

Pour mix out into a container to set.

Once completely set, blend the mixture with a hand blender to a smooth gel (may need some additional water/honey to let it down). 

Place into a piping bag. 

Instead of making a gel you can also use this mixture exactly the same but set in in a frame and cut to make small jellies.



Sosa Home Gourmet Pear fruit & sauce

Moorlands Fat coated shortcake biscuit crumb (2 – 10mm)

Honeycomb (recipe above)

Honey gel (recipe above)


Pipe the mousse in the Dobla honey pot filling to ¾. 

Fill the honey pot with pear fruit and sauce. 

Place on a plate with the crumble, honey gel and honeycomb chunks. 

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