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Patriot games

Patriot games

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As Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her Platinum Jubilee, it’s time to fly the flag for the royal family.

A day to celebrate! Her Majesty The Queen officially became the first British Monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee on February 6th.

This unprecedented anniversary will be marked by a year-long calendar of events – with the majority taking place over an extended Bank Holiday from June 2nd - 6th.

There’ll be street parties the length and breadth of the country to mark HRH’s 70th year on the throne, so get in on the act with some patriotic pans of gorgeous gelato.

If you’re feeling adventurous, why not have a go at re-creating this eye-catching Union Jack flag ...

Key dates:

Thursday 2nd June – The Queen’s Birthday Parade (Trooping the Colour): Over 1,400 parading soldiers, 200 horses and 400 musicians will come together in the traditional parade to mark The Queen’s official birthday, usually held on the second Saturday in June. 

The Parade will close with the traditional RAF flypast, watched by The Queen and members of the Royal Family from the Buckingham Palace balcony.

Friday 3rd June – Service of Thanksgiving: A Service of Thanksgiving for The Queen’s reign will be held at St Paul’s Cathedral.

Saturday 4th June – The Derby at Epsom Downs: Her Majesty The Queen, accompanied by members of the Royal Family, will attend.

Platinum Party at the Palace: The BBC will stage and broadcast a special live concert from Buckingham Palace that will bring together some of the world’s biggest entertainment stars.

Sunday 5th June – The Big Jubilee Lunch: Bringing the Jubilee celebrations into the heart of every community.

Jubilee gelato


4 litres white base

Irca joyfruit blueberry – at will


Put the white base into the batch freezer.

Form a layer of white base in the bottom half of a Napoli pan and blast freeze for 10 minutes.

Now form a layer of Joyfruit blueberry on top of the white base, leaving enough room for another layer of white base on top of the blueberry. 

Blast freeze the blueberry layer for at least 15 minutes.

Now top it with a final layer of white base, making sure the top layer is completely flat - using a straight edge across the top of the pan is probably the best way to do this.

Blast freeze the top layer for at least 15 minutes.

Using a Union Jack stencil, place the stencil on top of the pan, cover the red parts of the flag with some card and spray the blue parts with blue velvet spray. Now cover the blue parts of the flag with card and spray the red parts with red velvet spray.

Crowning glory

For a handheld Jubilee treat, fill your dual flavour soft serve machine with vanilla and blueberry gelatos for a vibrant blue and white swirl.

Fill your cones with the two flavours then drizzle with Irca Joytopping strawberry ice cream topping sauce to create a Jubilee feast.

Blueberry soft serve


6 litres white base

480g Irca joypaste blueberry 

Sosa blue food colouring (add until you reach your desired shade of blue)

Chocolate coronation

Top your Jubilee creations with chocolate crowns from the Dobla chocolate decor range.

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