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Winter plant based chocolate indulgence treat

Winter plant based chocolate indulgence treat

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Treat yourself to a bit of winter indulgence with these chocolate treats made using the new Belcolade plant based vegan milk chocolate, which pairs beautifully with the flax seeds, yuzu and peach.

Chocolate brownie


45g flax seeds  

125g water  

150g icing sugar  

130g coconut fat deodorized

80g PatisFrance praline amandes 50% 

140g Belcolade Noir Origins Papua New Guinea 73 Cacao Trace  

100g flour  

10g Belcolade cocoa powder  

2g salt 

roasted chopped almonds


Roast the flax seeds and leave them to cool down.

Mix them into powder and add the water.

Leave to swell for about 20 min.

Add the icing sugar and whip for about 15 min at high speed with a whisk.

Heat up the coconut oil together with the PatisFrance praline amandes 50% and the Belcolade Noir Origins Papa New Guinea 73 Cacao Trace to 40°C.

Mix into the previous mixture and add the sifted flour, Belcolade cocoa powder and salt.

Mix to obtain a homogeneous dough.

Pipe 30g brownie batter in each silicone mould and put 3g chopped almonds on top of each cake.

Bake at 170°C for about 14 min.

Leave to cool down.

Do not de-mould.

Yuzu chocolate mousse


180g water  

20g yuzu juice  

100g oat cream (13% fat) 

250g Belcolade Cacao Trace vegan milk chocolate (46%) buttons

18g Belcolade pure prime pressed cocoa butter Cacao Trace


Boil the water and yuzu juice and add onto the Belcolade Cacao Trace vegan milk chocolate buttons and Belcolade cocoa butter and mix with an immersion blender.

Add the oat cream and mix again.

Leave to cool down in a fridge to 5°C.

Before use, whip the mixture in a kitchen aid until you have a mousse texture.

Fill up the previous brownie mould with first a piece of the frozen blazed nectarine fruit and continue with the chocolate mousse.

Fill up some 4cm diameter half sphere silicone moulds and freeze it. Leave to cool down overnight in a fridge to 5°C.

Blazed nectarine fruit


250g fresh peach 

10g coconut fat deodorized  

25g sugar  

4g pectin (yellow)

1g citric acid  

20g Fleure de Bière 40%


Cut the peaches into small cubes.

Bake them in a pan with the coconut fat.

Mix the sugar and pectin and add to the peaches.

Bake for a few minutes, add the citric acid and mix well with a spatula.

Add the Fleur de Bière and blaze the peaches.

Fill up a silicone circles mold of 3 cm diameter and 1 cm high with the peach filling and bake at 100°C for 1 hour.

Chocolate coating


500g Belcolade Cacao Trace vegan milk chocolate (46%) buttons

100g grape seed oil  

150g roasted chopped almonds 


Temper the Belcolade Cacao Trace vegan milk chocolate buttons to 35°C and add the grape seed oil and the roasted chopped almonds.

Milk chocolate glaze


250g soy milk  

50g glucose  

50g sugar  

5g pectin NH 

400g Belcolade Cacao Trace vegan milk chocolate (46%) buttons 

250g Puratos miroir glassage neutral


Mix the sugar and the pectin. Heat up the soy milk and the glucose to 50°C and add the pectin-sugar mixture. Bring everything to a boil.

Pour onto the Belcolade Cacao Trace vegan milk chocolate buttons and mix with an immersion blender.

Add the slightly heated Puratos miroir glassage neutral and mix again.

Leave to set and cool down.

Reheat to 40°C before use and mix again with an immersion blender to remove air bubbles.


Bake the brownie in the silicone molds and leave to cool down.

Put a circle of the peach filling on top.

Whip the yuzu chocolate mousse and fill up the silicone mold.

Put in the freezer.

Fill up half-sphere silicone molds with the chocolate mousse, using the same number of molds as the previous ones, and freeze.

Dip the frozen brownie-peach-yuzu mousse in the chocolate coating and decorate the top with icing sugar.

Glaze the half-sphere yuzu chocolate mousses and put one on top of the dessert.

Decorate with chocolate decoration made from Belcolade Cacao Trace vegan milk chocolate (46%) buttons 

Recipe courtesy of Belcolade

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