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Vegan chocolate and pistachio Valentine's tart

Vegan chocolate and pistachio Valentine's tart

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Valentine's Day won't be complete without chocolate in some shape or form. Why not try these vegan milk-a-like chocolate and pistachio tarts, easy to make and fabulously delicious. 

Milk-a-like chocolate mousse


165g water (1)

7.5g Sosa vegan mousse gelatin

75g water (2)

3.75g Sosa potatowhip 

50g caster sugar 

0.35g Sosa xanthan gum 

15g sunflower oil

150g Belcolade vegan milk a like chocolate


Melt the chocolate to 55c and add the oil.

In a pan bring to the boil water (1) and the vegan mousse gelatin.

Pour in stages onto the chocolate and emulsify.

Keep this mixture around 45c.

In a kitchen aid whisk together the water (2) and potatowhip.

Around half way whipping start to slowly add the sugar and xanthan gum, once all added whisk for a further 10 minutes on full speed.

Fold the meringue gently into the chocolate mixture and place immediately into desired moulds/tray and freeze.

Milk-a-like chocolate and pistachio ganache 


132g Elmlea plant-based double cream substitute 

38g Sosa liquid glucose

7g Sosa sorbitol liquid 

300g Belcolade vegan milk a like chocolate

30g Sosa pistachio Pralicroc

15g Sosa pure pistachio paste

25g Belcolade cocoa butter  


Bring to the boil the cream, glucose and sorbitol.

Pour onto the chocolate, pralicroc, pistachio paste and cocoa butter and leave for 2 minutes. 

Blend this mixture together to create emulsion.

Once emulsified, place the mixture into a piping bag ready for the pastry cases.

Additional Ingredients

Pidy Vegan sweet shortcrust pastry case

Sosa Caramelised pistachio pieces 

Roasted pistachios

deZaan Crimson red cocoa powder 


Make up the vegan milk-a-like chocolate mousse and place into heart-shaped silicone moulds or rings and freeze.

Next make the vegan milk-a-like chocolate and pistachio ganache and fill the vegan sweet shortcrust pastry case and allow them to set. 

Once the heart chocolate mousses are completely frozen, they can be de-moulded and dusted with crimson red cocoa powder. 

Place the heart-shaped mousse on top of the ganache and allow to defrost in place. 

Before serving add additional pistachio garnishes. 


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