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If Mums were flowers I’d pick you

If Mums were flowers I’d pick you

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Why not break tradition and surprise Mum with a stunning flower pot garden this Mother’s Day? This edible flower garden is a vibrant collection of colours and flavours that serves as a unique and delicious gift idea.


250g milk

10g Sosa Instangel

280g Republica del cacao dark chocolate 70%

500g whipping cream

65g Irca Irca Joypaste Raspberry flavour paste with seeds


Heat the milk and add the Instangel.

Gradually combine the hot milk with the melted couverture, taking care to form a completely smooth emulsion.

Immediately mix using an immersion blender to make a perfect emulsion.

Once the mixture is at 105°F (40°C), combine with the whipping cream, which has been whipped until it has the texture of a mousse.

Pour immediately and leave to set.

Hazelnut ganache 


250g 35% cream 

30g invert sugar 

200g hazelnut praline 

385g Belcolade milk chocolate

70g Belcolade ebony 

65g butter 


Heat the cream and the invert sugar to 80°C.

Pour the liquid on to the chocolate, praline and ebony and mix well.

Blend with a hand blender to create emulsion. 

Once temperature reaches 35°C blend in the room temperature butter.

Allow to cool until pipe-able and place into a piping bag. 

Chocolate soil 


200g plain flour 

100g deZaan crimson red cocoa powder 

200g butter

100g Tate & Lyle caster sugar 

2g salt  


Add all ingredients to the kitchen aid with the paddle attachment.

Bring mixture together, and when it just starts to resemble a dough take it off the machine.

Finish bringing it together by kneading it by hand. 

Crumble onto baking tray and cook until crunchy, turning over regularly.

Hazelnut and raspberry brownie pieces 


150g salted Butter

225g sugar

50g deZaan terra rossa cocoa powder 

50g flour

4g baking Powder

100g toasted & chopped hazelnuts

100g (2) eggs

40g Irca Joypaste Raspberry flavour paste with seeds


In a pan melt the butter with the sugar and cocoa powder. 

Remove from heat and add the eggs slowly, mixing well to incorporate. 

Mix a small amount with the flour, baking powder and the raspberry paste to make a thick paste then incorporate with the rest of the mixture.

Mix thoroughly to ensure all is well combined. 

Fold through the chopped hazelnuts and smooth mixture into lined baking tin. 

Bake at 180°C for around 20 minutues until a crust has formed on the surface but still gooey in the middle. 

Once removed from oven allow to cool before cutting into small pieces for inside the plant pots. 

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