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Mum’s Hamper

Mum’s Hamper

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Crafted with care, every element of our Mother's Day Hamper is a testament of love. This stunning gift hamper is the ideal present to share with the special mother figure in your life.

Mum Bars


1kg Republica del Cacao Ecuador White Chocolate 35% buttons

100g Sosa raspberry powder 

50g Republica del Cacao Ecuador Dark chocolate 65% 


Temper the white chocolate and split into 2 bowls (500g).

Pipe the white chocolate into the heart mould and mum mould and allow to crystallise and set.

With the second bowl of white chocolate add the raspberry powder and stir well to ensure fully incorporated, pipe the raspberry chocolate into the heart mould and allow to set and crystallise.

Temper the dark chocolate and pipe using a paper piping bag onto grease-proof paper ‘MUM’ and allow to set before removing from the paper and sticking on the white chocolate heart using a little tempered chocolate. 

Chocolate rose cupcakes (Raspberry and Rose)



190g plain flour 

40g deZaan Rich terracotta cocoa powder 

1g baking powder

Pinch of salt 

240g butter

240g caster sugar 

200g whole eggs 

30g Irca Joypaste Raspberry flavour paste with seeds 


250ml 35% cream 

75g caster sugar 

90g deZaan Rich terracotta cocoa powder 

5g Irca Joypaste Rose flavour paste 



Cream the butter and sugar together until pale and fluffy. 

Add eggs slowly. 

Add sifted dry ingredients and raspberry paste fold in until combined. 

Bake in mini cupcake cases at 170°C for 12-15 minutes.


Bring the cream and sugar to the boil.

Pour over the cocoa powder and rose paste and blend until smooth.

Allow to cool until pipeable consistency. 

Cherry and Kirsh Fudge


300g double cream 

100g whole milk

100g butter

300g caster sugar 

150g light muscovado sugar 

70g Irca Joypaste Amarena cherry flavour paste 

50g Dried sour cherries 1kg

40g Grandes Distilleries Peureux Messenez Kirsh 48%


Heat together cream, milk, butter, and sugars and bring to a boil. 

Boil to 118°C.

Weigh Joypaste, cherries, and Kirsch together in a kitchen aid bowl. 

Once the mixture has reached 118°C pour mixture into a kitchen aid bowl and with a paddle attachment beat mixture until thick and cool and has lost its shine. 

Remove from the machine and place fudge into silicone heart mould or lined tin if preferred.

Chill for at least 6 hours before removing from the mould.

Golden Hearts (sticky toffee pudding)



1kg Belcolade Cacao Trace Dark chocolate 55% buttons 

Chocolatree gold sparkling powder spray 

Treacle and date ganache:

155g vegan cream 

80g dates

10g Sosa sorbitol 

47g treacle

220g Belcolade vegan milk-a-like chocolate 

20g vegan butter

20g golden syrup 

1g Salt 



Use the gold pump to disperse gold powder into each cavity in the heart mould. 

Temper the dark chocolate and cast a think shell.


Heat cream, dates, sorbitol, treacle, and golden syrup to 85°C.

Pour over chocolate and blend to emulsify. 

Once mixture has cooled to 35°C blend in butter and salt. 

Allow the mixture to cool to 32°C degrees before placing into a piping bag.

Pipe the ganache into the dark chocolate shell leaving a 4mm gap from the top of the cavity to allow for crystallization and then capping. 

Allow the ganache to crystallise overnight and then temper more dark chocolate and cap the chocolates. 

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